House Designed for Everyone

Shared Room

Fully furnished flat with sharing accommodation for young professionals boys and girls.

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Private Room

Fully furnished private room for single occupancy.

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Complete House

Semi or full furnished independent house for family or group of bachelors.

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Finding Home is now easy with OLE Stays 3-S Process

Are you a house owner? Rent it out with OLE Stays.

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No Brokerage

It’s a complete Broker Free process, we have team of professionals who search for the right tenant and help them in move in.

Online & Timely Rent Payment

We assure that you will get rent on 5 th of every month, you don’t have to worry about giving reminder for the rent, we process your rent of 5 th of every month in your account.

Professional Maintenance

We are having team of professionals who take care of periodic home maintenance including cleaning and fixtures safety.

Verified Tenants

We are having professionals who screen out and verify the tenants before on boarding.

Aggrement & Documentation

No need to worry about rental agreement, we assist you in drafting license agreement and completing registration.


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What Client Say


    THANK YOU OLESTAYS for providing me such a good facility. I am very happy to be a customer of OLESTAYS.

  • Sumit

    I would like to thank Ole stays for giving me facilities of metropolitan cities in a city like Ranchi.


    My Happy place is my OLESTAYS.


    Ole stays is one of the best rental platform available in Ranchi.


    Facilities like hotels at prices less than a pg bed.


    More than a pg it is like my home.


    I would recommend everyone #olehole.


    I got my home other than my home.


    At ole stays we don’t have roommates we have familymates.


    Because as they say it’s the best way to stay.

  • Rohan

    Right now I am residing in OLESTAY flat which is situated in Kantatoli. I am very happy from the service provided by Olestays. It is a 1 stay platform.

  • Hrithik

    I am staying in OLESTAY flat since past 8 months. I am very happy from the service provided by OLESTAY. It provide me all the basic amenities like TV,SOFA,WASHING MACHINE,IRON,BED WITH MATTRESS,WARDROBE,BEDSHEET,KITCHEN UTENSILS ETC.

  • Shubham

    I am a tenant of OLESTAY since past 6 months. I am very happy with the service provided by OLESTAY. IF I find any difficulty related to TV or washing machine provided by OLESTAYS then they try to solve it as soon as possible .Thank you OLESTAY for providing me a home.

  • Aditi

    OLESTAY has provided me a hassle free life. After moving to ranchi it was very difficult for me to find a place to stay as no owner want to provide a place to bachelors. But after knowing about OLESTAY it was very easy for me to get a flat of my choice in a reasonable price to stay.

  • Aditiya

    OLESTAY has solved my major problem of fooding. After moving to OLESTAY flat ,now I can cook my own food in the utensils provided by OLESTAY. Thank you OLESTAY for providing me a healthy life.

  • Shivam

    Thank you OLESTAYs for providing me a flat in such a peaceful & secured environment (bariatu).After moving to OLESTAY I feel very good as it not only provided me a home but also a good working flatmates who are not less than a family for me.

  • Aayush

    Recently I moved to ranchi for my new job . I was finding it very difficult to get a place to reside. Then I got to know about OLESTAY.I was so impressed from the OLESTAYS facilities that I took only 1 day to shift to OLESTAY flat. Thank you olestays.

  • Abeer

    OLESTAY provides such type of comfort which a bachelors like us wants when we move to a new city.THANK YOU OLESTAYS.!!

  • Farhan

    The facilities provided by OLESTAY is very good and when we face any problem regarding the flat then it is solved within 12 hrs. The members of OLESTAY is very cooperative and Good in nature.

  • Harsh

    Till now I find OLESTAY to be the best service provider ,as I had experience in almost all the service provider like this but I was not fully satisfied but OLESTAY provides me full satisfaction.THANK YOU OLESTAYS.

  • Daksh

    Before I was staying in a personal hostel but I was not able to adjust over there then I got to know about OLESTAY from and I became the customer of OLESTAY.

  • Kabir

    I am very happy to be member of OLESTAY. I don’t have to face any problem REGARDING landlords or any type Problem related to society.

  • Ishaan

    My experience so far with OLESTAY is very good. I'm totally satisfied with the services. The price is also reasonable. Thank You for taking care OLESTAY.

  • Nakul

    I had never imagined that I could close down on a house in just a single day. Thanks OLESTAY for the amazing offering for a working bachelor like me.

  • Parth

    Ole stays is one of the best rental platform available in Ranchi.

  • Ranbir

    Having stayed in PGs, hostels and even independent flats before OLESTAY, I can frankly say that my life here is the easiest it has ever been. It's comfortable, convenient and extremely easy, especially for a working bachelors such as myself. Would recommend OLESTAY to people who are looking for a hassle free lifestyle!

  • Vedant

    THANK YOU OLESTAYS for providing me a well furnished flat with all the amenities a bachelor like me needs when we shift to a new city.

  • Rohan

    Thank you OLESTAY for providing me all the amenities for my happy living. It also values our presence and tries to make it memorable.

  • Samarth

    THANK YOU OLE STAYS for providing us a complete furnished hassle-free rental homes with 24 hours service.

  • Shaurya

    After the launch of OLE Stays it’s very easy for bachelors like us to stay safely with all facilities in a well furnished flat.THANK YOU OLESTAY!!

  • Abhinav

    THANK YOU OLESTAYS. Its really a better estate for bachelors like us.

  • Tejas

    THANK YOU OLESTAYS!!It not only provide us a place to stay but also provide us all the facilities which we bachelors need when we shift to a new place like fully furnished bedroom, living room along with modular kitchens with all utensils to make our living more comfortable.

  • Pratyush

    Bachelors like us who usually wants to avoid disputes with the owners so OLE STAYS provide us a complete furnished sharing flat. Thank you OLESTAY!

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