For The House Owner

How to join with OLE Stays
OLE Stays is a Technology platform which gives facility to solve rental problems for young bachelor who wants shared flat and it also provides family flat.
OLE Stays Facilitates the house owner to rent their house without any worries in finding the right tenants, completing the legal assistance, maintaining their house, providing proper services to respecting tenants and one of the major problem of collecting the rent on time.
Once we receive any enquiry in our website our representative will inspect your house and after the discussion we proceeds to complete the rental agreement, then we click photographs so that tenant can see the property and schedule their visit to on board.
Now a days there are lots of brokers and classified websites are available in the market where you can upload your property details but we can understands that how does it feels while getting so many calls and showing your property again and again to different peoples, finding the right tenant, getting the legal agreements, asking for rent again and again. So here we gives all the solution for your needs.
We help you to find the right tenants for you according to your needs, getting the legal agreements, taking the proper care of your house and inspecting your house time to time, we also helps you to maintain your house by facilitating professional assistance like carpentry, plumbing, and any other house repairing services. We understand your needs and solve your rental problems effectively.
Once we receive any enquiry in our website our representative will inspect your house and after the discussion we proceeds to complete the rental agreement, then we click photographs so that tenant can see the property and schedule their visit to on board.
You can join us just by doing following steps.

Visit us on www.olestays.com ---> click on House owner ---> Fill the forms ---> choose you time when our representative will communicate further -----> After Inspection of your property we sign the agreement ----> we will click the photographs of your property and list in our website ----> once the property details is done, Tenants will show their interest and schedule their visit----> once tenant like your bed or Room or House, he / she will needs your approval for the rent ---> we start giving services at competitive price.
Shared Houses:-
shared house are basically for those working bachelor or students who want to stay in a sharing basis flats, I,e. he /she can book their double occupancy room or can book single room in the flat. The house owner has right to choose their interest to rent out their property to boys or girls. To avail this service your house needs to be full furnished. It is compulsory that it meets OLE Stays standard, shared houses are great way to earn more rent.
Note:- We also helps you to furnished your Flat.

Full House :-
We also helps you to rent out your full house to Family or to a group of people based on your interest, in this Lessee or one individual tenants is responsible for all other tenants(their family).
Here you don’t have to worry OLE Stays will Pay you rent and security deposit on behalf of the tenants. You will process your rent before 5th of every month to your bank account.
• Signed Agreement
• Address proof
• PAN card
• Maintenance Bill
• One cancelled cheque
• Electricity bill

For the Tenants

• Before the confirmation of any booking tenant needs to book and pay the security deposit 2 days before License starts date and it is compulsory to submit all KYC documents details 2 days before the license starts date for the verification by the owner. The move in date can be extent in case tenant fails to submit the KYC.
• Once owner will confirm the booking and verify the KYC the tenant can start living in the respective allocated bed /house.
• In case OLE Stays team finds any forge or invalid documents, OLE Stays will reject and ask for ask for the resubmission of your valid documents and can extent move in date.
• In case of internal transfer the security deposit and KYC documents will be same .
• There is 6 month lock in period in any OLE Stays’s property so if any tenant wants to vacate the house within 6 month,he / she needs to pay early termination charge.which is equivalent to 1 month rent.
• Tenant needs to provide written notice 1 month before while vacating the flat.
• Tenant needs to deposit the security of one month at the time of booking.
• Security deposits needs to be paid before 2 days of move in date.
• The security deposit will be mentioned in the rental agreement.
• The rent will start from the agreement start day which is mentioned at the time of booking.
• Tenant needs to deposit the full amount of security or Rent before the agreement date.
• Tenant must have to pay the rent before 5th of every month or else he/ she needs to pay a fine of Rs 500 and Rs 100 daily after 10th of every month as late fine penalty.
• If a tenant will not pay rent even after 15th of any month then it results breach of agreement and in this case tenant needs to vacate the premises immediately.
• If a tenant move out within 6 month of lock in period he / she has to pay on early termination charges which is equivalent to one month rent.
• Any rent ,utility bill which is due or not paid will be deducted from the security deposit.
• A charges of 999 or 1800 for renovation will be deducted at the time of vacating the house.
• The tenant will have to pay for any damages of property or its belonging.
• It will take 7 working days in case of any refunds.
• You can schedule your move-in-date according to your convenience.
• The rent will be start from the scheduled booking date after the payment of security deposit.
• In case move date is postponed, the rent will be start from the agreement start date.
• It is mandatory to book your house/bed 2 days before move in date.
• Verifications is compulsory before move in, Our team will verify your KYC documents and will confirm your booking.
• Tenants can request their agreement within 3 working days after the move in date.
• Initiate move out request ---> Schedule your move out date
• Tenant must be present at the time of move out so that our team will cross verify any damages or settlement.
• Tenants needs to handover all the keys, move out inspection, etc.
• The tenant is responsible for any of his/her belonging in the house; neither OLE team nor Owner is responsible for any Theft or damages.
• For maintenance of house and showing OLE Stays property, OLE team has extra key , so it is request to keep all valuable things inside the cupboards.
• Any theft or loss or any damages of furnishing or any appliances will be responsible by all the tenants of the premises.
• A reasonable sum of amount will be collected for the compensation from the tenant in case of any damages or theft.
• OLE Stays is not responsible for any theft or damages in your schedule premises.